Palio di Siena

The 10th annual Palio is a month away! The students of Siena Academy will be racing at school and seeking sponsorships!

Want to sponsor your favorite Siena student?? Sponsor online! Pick your amount and a drop down menu appears to list the child’s name and earn them prizes! The best part is there are no fees – EVERY penny goes to Siena!

Don’t forget to purchase the “Official Race T-shirt”.  Parents, grandparents and friends can also purchase shirts to support Siena.  These shirts are a favorite of the children because they can be used as an outdoor uniform piece. Children can even earn a free shirt if they raise $100 in sponsorships by April 14th!  T-shirts can be purchased by filling out this form!

We still have T-shirt space for corporate sponsors so if you have a business or know someone who does we’d love to have them as a corporate sponsor.  Just have them use this form.

If you would like to make a donation to Siena Academy in lieu of the 5k Fundraiser, please consider donating to the school HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact .  Our goal is to have fun, continue the tradition, and raise money for Siena!!