Palio di Siena

The 11th annual Palio is coming soon! The students of Siena Academy will be racing at school and seeking sponsorships!

Want to sponsor your favorite Siena student?? Sponsor online! Pick your amount and a drop down menu appears to list the child’s name and earn them prizes! The best part is there are no fees – EVERY penny goes to Siena!

This year children will receive the “Official Race T-shirt” as part of the entry for the race.  Parents, grandparents and friends can also purchase shirts to support Siena.  To sign up for the race or to purchase additional T-shirts please complete this form!

The entry deadline for the race and additional T-shirt orders is April 29th, 2022. Only registered children will be able to participate.

We still have T-shirt space for corporate sponsors so if you have a business or know someone who does we’d love to have them as a corporate sponsor.  Just have them use this form.

If you would like to make a donation to Siena Academy in lieu of the 5k Fundraiser, please consider donating to the school HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact .  Our goal is to have fun, continue the tradition, and raise money for Siena!!